Hi Guys! I am having some [problems with Thymidine proliferation assay of blood. Could you please give me your thoughts. I used both PHA and ConA as my positive controls and getting very low counts.



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    Please go to webmd.com. I am sorry I could not help you, but I don’t want to give you any suggestions 🙁

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    Is this the assay you are talking about?  http://www.faculty.iu-bremen.de/springer/springer_group/methods_summaries/Thymidine_proliferation.pdf

    I have not done this type of assay, but know in my own research, that it really pays to sit down and trouble shoot each step.  Sometimes one buffer goes bad, or you have a mislabeled reagent that is messing up your experiment.  One time a company sent me a radiolabeled dNTP rather than NTP and I couldn’t figure out why my transcriptions weren’t working.  If you still have more questions, talk to your co-workers or you could try searching JoVE.com (the journal of visualized experiments) to see if there is anything that might help you.  Lastly, if you are still having problems, I would suggest looking up the protocol (if one exists) in the Current Protocols in Molecular Biology.

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