Hi everyone! i;m doing research on biofuel. my task is to pick up 3 popular biofuel and then compare them. I did some research and still havent got any ideas yet. could anyone please suggest me some biofuel which i should use for my assignment. thank you!



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    Ethanol and biodiesel are two of the more common types of biofuels used today.

    Ethanol is an alcohol (but modified enough to be undrinkable) created through gasification, a process that converts biomass into a synthetic gas composed of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which is then transformed into ethanol. Ethanol is most often mixed with gasoline to cut down on smog-causing emissions.

    Biodiesel is alcohol, usually methanol, combined with vegetable oil, cooking grease or animal fat. It is used as an additive, like ethanol, or as fuel for purely diesel engines.

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