Hey i am the same 14 year old boy who sweats alot. So Should i keep playing basketball or rest because if i rest i can grow i know it please answer and when will i reach my growth spurt. Also will i still grow after growth spurt.

so should i keep playing basketball or rest please give best answer



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    You should check with a doctor.

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    You will grow whether you are at rest or at play.  I strongly suggest getting exercise – a lot of kids your age do not get enough exercise and this can lead to obesity.  Just drink a lot of water, eat healthfully, and get exercise.  A lot of boys and men sweat a lot, but if you are worried about it I would ask a doctor.  I know people who have to use special deodorant because they have overactive sweat glands.  Now go out there and play some more basketball!

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    Keep playing! I think your concern about rest and growing has more to do with over exercising. Yes, you need time for your body to rest to repair and rebuild your muscle tissue, but this shouldn’t stop you from playing a sport your enjoy. Focus on getting proper nutrtion. Make sure you are getting plenty of protein, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats from nuts and seeds. Good luck and have fun! 

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    Isn’t sweating good for you?

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