Hey guys can you help me on the topic “EXAMPLES OF UNSUCCESSFUL PACAKAGING”



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    I’m not sure what you mean by unsuccessful packaging – because we’re on GreenAnswers right now I’m assuming it means excessive packaging that’s bad for the environment.

    Polystyrene foam, or styrofoam, is one of the worst offenders.  It’s made of petroleum, a non-renewable resource, and it isn’t at all biodegradable.  Most places won’t recycle it and once it has touched any sort of food it cannot be recycled anyway.  Styrofoam is used in all sorts of things, from takeout food to shipping materials.

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      hey thanx for ur help…. wat u suggested is revelant…

      I also need some examples of packaging which was not accepted by people or not liked by people as a result of it the company had to redesign its packing startegies….

      like eg Cadbury had tha worm case so they had to redesign their packaging…

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    I’m assuming Ashleigh is correct in guessing you mean packaging which is the opposite of eco-friendly.  This slideshow will give you a couple handfuls of examples to get started with.  Hopefully this is what you’re looking for.


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