Is helping the environment easier than people think?



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    Sure! There are so many small things you can do which really add up. Ride your bike to work, plant a tree, line dry your clothes, recycle and use reusable products, unplug kitchen appliances when not in use, etc! Making your lifestyle a little more eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to make any major changes or drastically reduce your quality of life. 

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    It can be, depending on how much environmental knowledge you have and what kind.  People who have been told that environmentalism requires big lifestyle changes have been told wrong–simple steps like using both sides of a piece of paper, choosing cloth rather than paper napkins, and unplugging appliances that aren’t in use are incredibly beneficial to the environment, and don’t require moving into a commune that gathers all its water from rain barrels.

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    It’s much easier than people think. 

    1. Look up at your light.

    2. Is it on?

    3. Switch it off.

    It’s that simple. Supply and demand govern the world’s resource usage. By switching off that light, you have lowered demand, and therby lowered the energy requirements of the whole planet. 🙂

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