Help saving fridge energy?



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    Using an Energy Star refrigerator will save a great deal of energy!

    Replacing a refrigerator from 1990 with a new Energy Star certified refrigerator saves enough energy to light the average household for almost four months. New Energy Star certified refrigerators use 40% less energy than conventional refrigerators from 2001 and a current Energy Star certified freezer uses 10% less energy than required by federal standards.

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    Here are some tips on how to help save fridge energy:
    1.lower the temp of you freezer and raise that of your fridge
    2.Give your fridge some space (at least 2 inches of space around your fridge is good)
    3. Needs to be as far away from any heat source as possible
    4. Keep doors closed as much as possible and make sure they are sealed tightly
    5. The cooling coils need to be free of dust
    6. And don’t over stuff your fridge

    Use the link below to see more. Also you can buy a Kill-O-Watt to see exactly how much energy you are using on your fridge and other appliances throughout your home

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    Some tips that can be used to save energy on any refrigerators are: 1) Lower the temperature on the freezer, and raise the temperature of the refrigerator; 2) Give about 2 inches of space around the refrigerator so it doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool because the compressor will have room for the heat it generates to escape; 3) Keep it away from direct sunlight and heating vents; 4) Don’t use the ice maker, crusher, water dispenser; and 5) Make sure the doors seal tightly.

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    Actually, fridges are more efficient when they are fuller. Obviously don’t over stuff them to the point where they won’t close, because then you will lose cool air. It will take longer to initially cool a full refrigerator, but once the contents are cooled, their thermal mass will work to keep each other cool.

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