help me get the right grass seed

When letting a typical lawn care business overseed my lawn, what do I need to look for or know to ask in their grass seed application for my organic earth friendly yard. I want normal grass seed for now (though considering clover in the back). I want to use the least amount of fertilizer, water, etc. to maintain it. I need shade friendly grass, was told fescue, but not sure if all is good for me or if I need to ask or watch out for certain things in the mix. in case it matters, zone 6 and clay soil.



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    Fescue does well in shade, but it does require regular waterings during the summer months, which is a drawback of this type of grass.  It also seems to need, at least initially, a fair amount of fertilizer, particularly nitrogen.

    Zone 6 looks like a transition zone.  Some popular grasses in your region besides Fescue are Bermuda and Buffalograss, which are both warm zone grasses.  Cool season grasses (like Fescue) include Ryegrasses and Bluegrasses.  There are also hybrid Fescues that may require less care.  A really good website on grass types and regions is here:

    You can also get a lot of help at a local Home Depot or other garden store. 

    If you really want a low-maintenance lawn, you may also look into lawn alternatives, like groundcover, which isn’t always as pretty as a lawn but is almost no maintenance, and some argue that it’s more environmentally accurate and sustainable than the traditional American front lawn. 

    Good luck!

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