Is the height of a plant predetermined in its genetic make-up?



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    There is evidence that height can be altered by suppressing RNA which would indicate that genetics do have a lot to do with plant height. However, I think conditions would have some effect on this as well. Soil, water, light, fertilizer, pollutants can all effect the height of a plant as well.

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    As far as the general height of a plant goes, it is definitely in the genetic makeup of the plant.  This is why different species of trees and plants have an average size and height that they grow to.  However, plants are certainly impacted by their environment.  If they live in healthy soil and get plenty of water they will grow much larger than another plant of the same species that lives in poor soil and lacks water.  Genetics is the main factor as to the height of a plant, but other factors can play a role as well.

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