Is the heart or the brain the most important organ in your body?



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    It’s difficult to say. Damage to the brain can seriously impact your memories and personalities in ways that are not fully understood, but are often survivable. Surgeons have even successfully removed parts of the brain completely and the patients have survived. Any damage to the heart will almost certainly kill the victim. On the other hand, artificial hearts can keep a person alive as effectively as the real thing, while science has never come close to inventing an artificial brain.

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    The heart is the more vital organ because it is needed to pump blood around the body in order to carry out any function the brain tells the body to do. A person is able to live while being brain dead if his heart is still pumping blood throughout his body. Whether it is humane to have someone living in that state is debatable.

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    Both are vital organs and you need both to survive. But if your heart cannot carry out atrial and ventricular contractions on its own or with assistance, the body will die. People can be brain-dead and assisted by machines to help them live but without the heart pumping and providing blood flow to the brain and other organs, the body cannot survive.

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