Healthy closet systems-non mdf

Where can I get non wire healthy closet systems for a walk in closet. I know I can use natural wood but terribly pricey.



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    I’m not sure if you mean healthy for you or healthy for the environment, so I will answer both!  Since you are looking for a fairly inexpensive solution, you could always use plywood and then paint it with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint.  I am including a list of wood toxicity that you can use to research woods with the lowest toxicity and chance of causing an allergic reaction. Softwood plywood is usually made from cedar, spruce, pine, or fir.  I am also including a list of low VOC paints and their manufacturers.

    Your other option, as you mentioned, is natural wood; and you are right, it can be pretty pricey.  If you are concerned about environmental health, make sure you purchase wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means it was grown in a sustainable way, not through clearcutting forests. Other labels to look for are “SmartWood” and by the Rainforest Alliance, and “Green Seal” by the Scientific Certification Systems. Also avoid tropical woods such as mohogany and teak, as well as redwood, since it typically comes from irreplaceable old-growth forests.

    One last option is called “plastic lumber” and is made from recycled plastic.  It comes in many different colors and lasts a lifetime.

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