Is having your water delivered to your office a green option do bottled water?



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    Although it is probably better than supplying bottled water, water deliveries also generate greenhouse gases in the transportation used in delivery. The most eco-friendly option is to install a water filter for the tap water. The new model water fountains are also a good option. See this previous answer for more information about purified tap water.

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    Having water delivered to your office is a greener option that bottled water. The large jugs the water is delivered in are often reused and are less wasteful than individual plastic bottles. However, drinking straight tap water is still the greenest approach.

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    Individual sized bottled waters are incredibly harmful to the environment. The plastic from the bottles leaches synthetic chemicals like bisphenol A into the water, and the water itself is not without bacteria so it really isn’t healthier than well-filtered tap water. In the US, 60 million plastic water bottles are disposed every day and dumped into landfills. 

    An alternative is to purchase a large water cooler for the office, and yes, some places will deliver those coolers to you, and encourage your staff to bring in their own cups. Or, if you have the operating budget for this, your business can purchase branded water bottles for the staff for them to use in the office and everywhere. This will create added publicity, and you can “launch” the bottles in a way that stirs a buzz for your change in office practices.

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    For the most part, having water delivered would be a greener alternative to buying bottled water, mainly because water delivery reuses the plastic jugs that hold the water, whereas plastic bottles create more plastic waste. It’s not a completely green option, as it doesn’t eliminate plastic use altogether, but the reuse strategy is certainly a step in the right direction.

    According to Quench, a filtered water cooler company, they have made quite a bit of progress in making their products and services more green, but this doesn’t account for all other water delivery companies. For more info on how Quench has reduced their impact on the environment, see:

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