Is having Teflon cookware eco friendly because there is no need for spray on PAM?



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    No not necessarily. Teflon is made with the chemical per-fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) which is beleived to potentially cause cancer and birth defects. When teflon is overheated, emissions of PFOA are released along with other chemicals. PFOA can also be found in some pizza boxes, popcorn bags, and other common items. It has been tested that 95% of Americans have PFOA in their blood stream. If your pan is non stick and you don’t want to use the canned PAM, butter and or olive oil will do the trick.

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    I would offer that a cast iron pan is a great piece of cookware to invest in. It lasts for a lifetime (or a few, if treated well) and naturally becomes “nonstick” if it is well seasoned. Also there are no known cancer causing agents involved and if you may increase the quantity of trace iron that you cpmsume in your diet.

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