Is having pharmaceuticals in our tap water making our immune systems stronger or weaker?



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    There has not been much research on the human risks associated with pharmaceuticals in our drinking water.  The levels of these drugs in the water is in parts per trillion, significantly lower than prescription doses. 

    One problem with antibiotics in water is that bacteria exposed to low levels of antibiotics for long periods develop resistance, which makes them difficult to treat when humans become infected. 

    It appears that such chemicals in water is affecting fish, amphibians, and other organisms.  For example, some shellfish are spawning prematurely, and fish have been reported as unable to repair damaged fins.  This latter example makes me think that perhaps these pharmaceuticals are weakening its immune system.

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    Estrogen and other endocrine disruptors in birth control pills in the our aquatic systems is adversely effecting fish.  These added hormones are causing male fish to have eggs in their bodies and undergo feminization.  They are also lowering their immune systems and making it more difficult for them to recover from injuries.  

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