Is having horses as pets bad for the environment?



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    Probably not, given that they’re just lawnmowers who happen to fertilize the soil at the same time. I doubt horses’ physiology has changed much since they became domesticated, so surely having them near one’s home can’t be much worse for anything.

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    Not really. Horse maneur can be a great fertilizer for various plants, though it does smell. And really, all they do to the environment is eat down the grass. Some horses will rub up against trees which can destroy the tree. A suggestion to help prevent this from happening would be to place chicken wire around the tree trunk. Just make sure it’s chicken wire, or some small type of fencing because if there are large gaps in the fencing then the horse could get its leg stuck and then any number of bad things could happen.

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    Horse manure in large amounts can be harmful as runoff, but this can be easily avoided by proper horsekeeping and waste disposal methods.

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