Haven’t you overlooked the intrinsic semiochemical value of social kissing?

Study IDs Male Mouse Pheromone omits social kissing as a mechanism of human pheromone transfers. See http://tinyurl.com/y8vxlxp Of Love KISSES PASS EPIGENETIC PHEROMONES IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF SOCIOPATHY, ‘MENTAL ILLNESS’ AND DISEASE The Cure for Crime. The Cure for Drug Addiction. by B. Nicholson



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    In this case, it sounds like the femles had not contact with the male prior to having exposure to their scent.  In this study it is unlikely they would have had any sort of “social kissing” to transfer the scent of pheremones and skew the data.

    Also, this book claims to be able to use pheromones to stop criminal behavior and “cure” homosexuality among other problems.  I would say the studies published in a peer reviewed journal vs. a book which is likely self published and not checked for accuracy are quite different.  Additionally, if there really was a pheremone that could cure criminal behavior in one night, our cities would be blowing it out of the sewer systems.

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