Have you taken a green vacation?

There are lots of destinations offering “green vacations”. Have you gone on one, or created one of your own? Where did you go, what did you like/dislike?



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    There is so much ecotourism today and many green vacation destinations, but in reality the idea of vacation itself is not a very green one. Vacation implies more than normal travel and consumption.

    I have been on multiple backpacking trip that I would consider green and been to some of the ecotourism destinations. I believe that seeing nature is a gift but also realize that the fact that we are going into it is disturbing it.

    So I would never set off on a vacation with the express intent of being green because it is counterintuitive to what vacation is.

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    Yes. I took one. We had made this deal.  We were going NOT going to spend money or use any non-natural energy.  

    There was 3 of us.  We hitchhiked from Ohio to Michigan (mistake 1)

    and then ended up in some woods (to this day I still have NO IDEA where we were) (mistake 2)

    We started walking through some woods and stuff and came upon a nice spot where there was no trees, and had a nice flat dirt surface, so we pitched our tent because it was probably midnight by this point….but i had no way to tell time so Im not sure (mistake 3 because…..)

    it rained that night.  DOWN-POURED! Our tent began sinking in the mud and the inside began to fill up with water (clearly, the tent was not of sturdy make) 

    I get out of the tent only for my right foot to get stuck in the mud, and then fell face first into the pool of mud.

    My 2 friends were laughing at me (of course) and so I pushed them into the mud. And then we had a mud fight and so all 3 of us looked like swamp people (keep in mind this is like 2am)

    so we come to our senses (sort of) and we go in search of a house or something.  We dont find one until 7am after the storm had cleared and the sun was up!  We walk up to this cottage looking house looking dirty as hell and some REALLY nice gay couple on vacation opened the door. 

    We told them about our “green” trip and how we had lost everything, and had NO CLUE where we were. He told us the city we were in (which I dont remember what it was called)  and then asked us if we needed to clean up. His boyfriend gave us some clean clothes and they took us to I-HOP for breakfast and we talked for like 4 hours.  

    We called my mom using his phone and I had him explain to her where we were and she came and picked us up (we were somewhere up above the thumb of Michigan (if your from the midwest you know what that means) 

    LONG STORY SHORT- it was the best-worst eco-trip ever



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