Have you seen the “Story of Cap and Trade”?



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    I have. It’s a good video, and while it’s too short to address anything in depth, I think it makes some good points, the primary one being that while “cap” is a great idea, “trade” is inherently problematic. Annie Leonard is perfectly right in pointing out that no one should be getting carbon credits for free, least of all the biggest polluters. On the other hand, I think that some of the scams she describes could be avoided with some creative thinking; while the cap and trade program wouldn’t work very well as-is, the possibility of getting scammed isn’t a good enough reason to throw out the idea altogether. It just has to be made stronger. Her strongest point, I think, is about “distractors.” We can’t let the possibility of slight improvements distract us from continuing to take big steps. I think we should get the “cap” part settled for certain, and in many countries, before we work on the “trade.” That way, when a few companies start cheating with their trade, they’ll be self-regulated by the other industries who have to follow the rules and don’t want anyone else getting an advantage.

    As for the video itself, it brings up a lot of good points and I think it would be a great discussion point for any economics or environmental science class. It even brings up links to FAQs as they come up in the video, so you can review them later. I’m not sure why Leonard has to be standing in the corner throughout the whole thing, but the animations are helpful.

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