Have you seen avatar? If so what did you think about the environmental messages in it?



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    I think it is interesting that James Cameron would make such an obvious political and social statement as he did in Avatar, but I think he is spot on with his message. While we are no longer physically running people off of their land for resources in a violent manner such as in Avatar, humans are so resource and energy hungry that we are willing to put our whole environment in jeopardy.  In the movie, Cameron insinuates that earth has essentially already been destroyed by human activity. Many experts believe this is not far from a cold future reality. It will be interesting to see if the movie makes any difference in peoples viewpoints on environmental issues. 

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    I thought it was great!  I think it was oddly subtle.  like it didn’t overpower the story. I think the story came first, but brilliantly weaved in the story was an environmental massage.  I also think the social responsibility aspect was good too. 

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