Have you sacrificed anything for the sake of going green?



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    I have sacrificed things for the sake of environmentalism. I have stopped taking plastic bags to put food in when I grocery shopping. I use reusable shopping bags that I bring food back and forth in. I also use less electricity when I am at home and try to limit my amount of time in the shower so that I can reduce my impact on the environment.

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    I limit my energy usage.  It’s not really much of a sacrifice, since it’s usually just thinking before turning something on.  However, it’s made me think a little more about what’s necessary and what’s not.

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    I stopped eating red meat for the sake of going green.  After taking several courses centered on the environment, and reading a lot of books about the effects raising livestock has on the environment, I made the decision to limit my consumption of animal products.

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    I stopped buying bottled water for the sake of going green. Instead, I use a re-usable bottle and fill it up with water before I leave my house. 

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    A few simple things I have done to be more green: Take navy showers, use the library rather than buy new books, buy locally grown produce, ride my bike whenever possible, and lower my thermostat even if it means having to wear a few extra layers. 

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