Have you or anyone you know attended an eco-summer camp?

If so, what was it like?



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    I haven’t attended an exclusive eco-summer camps but I can say that I have attended many Girl Scout camps and jamborees that have had a very large eco-agenda.

    For every event I have always picked up trash, helped design, maintain, and understand camp sites and there effect on the local ecosystems. I have been trained and have become a trainer in Leave No Trace due to a Girl Scout gathering in Colorado and while there I helped encourage growth of forests after devastating forest fires have destroyed habitats. I’ve raked in seeds in the middle of no mans land after forest fires, helped clean up sea turtles at rescue shelters, educate younger generations on the importance of environmental knowledge and protection. Etc.

    To anyone that has asked me about my time in Scouting I always say that Scouting has created my environmental passion while having fun and creating friends and memories for a lifetime.

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    I attended a camp that was based on ecological ideas.  Unfortunately, my camp is now out of business.  We had different activities everyday – caving, river biology and chemistry, canoeing, and the last day we did an overnight “backpacking” camp out.

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    I attended a conservation camp called Nature Camp in Vesuvius, Virginia from the ages of 10 to 17. Most of our days were spent in outdoor classrooms studying different environmental subjects, such as ecology, botany, astronomy, geology, and even wilderness survival, and wildlife art. We were required to do short reports on each subject. In addition to classes, we took many hikes during the day to natural swimming holes, meadows, etc, and applied our knowledge from our classes to our surroundings. Nature Camp is the oldest camp of its kind in the United States.

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    The only camps I attended as a kid were soccer camps; now, I work as a running coach at a cross country camp in the summer. It’s actually pretty eco-friendly. Campers are informed there’s not a lot of hot water, so not much water is wasted since everyone takes quick showers. The focus is on running, and about 80% of the week is spent doing so. A lot of speakers come in also and talk to the kids about how to live a healthier lifestyle; the running culture is definitely a green one!

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    I attended a conservation summer camp for 11 to 15 year olds and enjoyed the experience so much that I am now a counselor at the camp.  The camp is located outside of Philadelphia and is a one-week long overnight experience.  Campers learn about various ecological topics and environmental issues such as watershead pollution, trees, stream study, and botany.  There are a number of outdoor activities that week such as canoeing, water games, and hiking.

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    Swift Nature Camp is a Science Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. Our focus is to blend traditional summer camp activities with an appreciation for nature, animals and the environment. ENVIRONMENTAL SUMMER CAMP

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