Have you heard of the green search engine “forestle”? Do you know if it is legit?



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    Hmm, interesting. I’m looking at the site right now. It seems that it was a Google partner site, which utilized Google’s advertisement technologies to generate revenue…Money from exposure of advertisement would go to the Nature Conservancy, who protects rainforest through their “Adopt an Acre” program. This is similar to how TheHungerSite.com works. However, it seems that Google felt that the search engine encouraged people to “artificially click” on links to generate the money to save rainforests, and that this was unfair to their advertising affiliates. So now it seems that it’s partnered with Yahoo!’s ad software, and they publish monthly reports to prove that yes, searching through their engine does indeed save rainforest.

    It’s a pretty cool idea, although this is what I would call “passive activism.”

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    Blackle is another extention of google’s search enginer, and uses all black pixels so less energy is consumed when using the search engine.

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