Have you found the benefits to the all natural Forever Living Products Yet?




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    Not buying them at all probably has the most all around benefit. Why are you promoting this stuff in this forum?

    Humans have been eating simple foods for 100,000s of years, and seem to have been doing pretty well.

    Even more than that, evolution has selected for people who can survive with normal, simple food. As a general rule, it would seem that anyone varying from a natural diet is somehow trying to fool a process of natural selection that has been going on for millions of years.

    What’s the justification for that?

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      You should probably stick to other forums that are less Green Friendly. I will not battle sorry chief. I live green, promote green, and enjoy green conversation, that simple.

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      Your idea of improving the human diet has absolutely nothing to do with “being green”. You appear to be a self-serving fraud, engaged in what is effectively snake oil sales of products that are not supported by scientific reports, but which appeal — without factual support — to innocents. Your website talks a great deal about how salesmen can make money for themselves. I have reported you for abuse of this forum.

      Having personally made a testimony to a DA regarding sales fraud in a major case, I am surprised you aren’t under active prosecution.

      The Wikipedia article on “Forever Living Products” lists multiple issues, including: lacking citations, being written by someone with a connection to your business, and not being neutral. That’s about as close as Wikipedia comes to saying the article is filled with outright lies. All that is lacking in this Wikipedia situation is editorial attention.

      Being a senior Wikipedia editor, I would very, very much enjoy seeing you try to justify the statements in that article and the behavior of your vested interests in violation of Wikipedia policy.

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      Reading through the Wikipedia Talk, I read that your company was fined $310,000 in 2004 for, let’s see, “articles sold without permission, consisting of 70% – 80% of total local sales”?

      The contributor of that comment has been editing Wikipedia for several years. Has no record of actions that require blocking.

      Not a good start for your confrontation with Wikipedia, I’d say. But we’re always willing to give the truth a hearing!

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