Have you ever used a Greenopolis kiosk? If so, what did you think?

I’ve actually never seen one, but I’ve heard about them.



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    No, they’re pretty much restricted currently to the West Coast – but the Greenopolis (slash, Pepsi Dream Machine) kiosks are a great example of incentivizing the greater good.  We’ve seen the general public’s attitude towards recycling by now – a good percentage, say 30%, really do care and want to contribute.  The rest don’t have a PROBLEM with contributing … if they get something out of it.  In the end, big corporations like PepsiCo can give that 70% something in return for their good deeds – and should.  So the Greenopolis kiosks do just that, give recyclers a chance to win prizes, etc.  And it’s a great capitalist approach to saving the planet.

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    Even still on the west coast, the closest kiosks to my Seattle location would be in Utah or California.  The Greenopolis program is still budding, so consoles are being added all the time!  People without the convenience of Greenopolis stations near them can still make accounts and contribute with blog posts!  The community aspect is still there.

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    Actually there are more kiosk in place all the time. Between Pepsi branded Dream Machines ( Greenopolis kiosk in Pepsi clothing) and standard kiosks, we have them in Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and many other places. Go to Greenopolis.com, plug in your zip to find the kiosk nearest you. If yo dot find one don”t despair- more are on the way. Let us know if you’ve got a reatail outlet, communtiy space or shcool that wants one.

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