Have you ever rescued a cat?



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    Inadvertently, yes.  We were looking for cats in our local area and found a little kitten we really liked.  We went to the owner’s house and he told us that he was basically going to abandon the kitten if he couldn’t sell it because he couldn’t take care of it. We were shocked to say the least…now the little kitty is about 17 weeks old and a wonderful addition to our family.  

    Here’s a picture of him now (his name is Merlin): 

    When we got him:


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    Not running into a burning building saved, but my family has adopted a number of stray cats and gave them a good home. They grew quite accusomed to being house cats.


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    We have always “rescued” our family cats from our local animal shelter.  (Dogs too, for that matter!)

    The things we look for when rescuing a cat are: shelter policies on returning the cat if it isn’t a good fit; history or personality – many shelters have their animals spend time in a “foster” home before becoming available for adoption so they have an idea of the temperment of the animal; whether you can spend time with the cate before making a decision, or even bring your current pets and children to meet the potential new kid. 

    My family has found it is important to do your homework before going to the shelter you choose – it’s just too hard to walk away from those adorable kittens!

    Try: http://www.animalshelter.org/shelters/states.asp if you need to find a shelter near you.

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