Have you ever joined in an environmental protest or demonstration? What was the result?



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    I protested for an environmental cause before and it was considered successful because we were able to get knowledge to the people. The point of a demonstration is to peacefully educate people on an alternative point of view. It is to incite friendly debate and conversation. It’s not about having the most people at the protest, it’s about getting the news to the most people. So it’s great if you can get on the news.

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    I joined several protests when plans for hazardous waste to be injected and stored in underground salt dome caverns near my community were announced. The protests were successful, plans dumped. Have joined others, but those were the biggest. Learned that if you get the information out, people listen and it can make a difference.

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    I protested for increased safety in factory farms.  Obviously it takes a long time to actually get a change.  However, even when you have a protest and there is no immediate change, you are still educating people.  People who walk by the protest (and im not joking here) may not know abut what you are protesting.  We had many people who were just completely unaware that animals in factory farms were abused and pumped with hormones.  So even if the desired change you want doesn’t happen right away, you are still teaching people. 

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