Have you ever heard of people using hydrochloric acid and diluting it with water to stay healthy?



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    Hydrochloric acid is a component of the digestive system in the stomach. It is possible that having an imbalance from too little hydrochloric acid could lead to problems. However, I think drinking hydrochloric acid, in any quantity, is probably not a wise thing to do. The reasons for this are several.

    First, simply consuming the acid is not going to correct the imbalance, except maybe temporarily. The fact that there is an imbalance may mean something else in the body is not functioning correctly. It would be wise to have a health professional check you out to determine the cause of the imbalance.

    Second, hydrochloric acid burns. It’s one of the reasons that the throat hurts when food comes back up from the stomach. Note also that acid reflux has been known to cause erosion problems with the “food pipe” because the stomach does not properly confine the acid. My guess is that the same erosion could easily happen when the acid goes the other way.

    I would suggest seeing a health professional if you suspect your hydrochloric acid levels are out of balance. Let them test the levels, and if they are out of balance, have them determine the cause and fix that.

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