Have you ever gotten a dirty look for choosing “plastic” instead of “paper”?



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    It is very difficult to choose between plastic or paper. I perfer to bring my own cloth bags to the grocery store so I do not get questioned (although in some places this receives a dirty look as well!).

    A friend of mine gets plastic bags when she is running low of bags to use for her cat’s litter. She reuses the plastic bags for this means. She gets paper bags when she has a package to mail or give someone (she uses the bag to wrap it) or when she wants a bag in which to place her other recycling good.

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    I never have, but only because where I usually shop doesn’t even ask if I have a preference.  A lot of my grocery shopping is done at Trader Joe’s though, and I have to admit that I feel a little guilty when I forget to bring my reusable bag, especially because they only offer those huge paper bags.

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