Have you ever been to a vegan restaurant? What was it like?



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    Yes, I am raw-vegan and love restuarants that cater to this particular eating lifestyle. The environment of a vegan restaurant is different from your average because generally, people that are vegan portray themselves a certain way. Pita Jungle here in Phoenix is very laid back and chill, it has a very earthy feel to it because most vegans are also environmentalists. The servers wear beanies and jeans; there are also alot of beards on the guys and both guys and girls have piercings, tattoos and some wear dreads. The food is amazing! There is large selection of veggie burgers, veggie wraps, salads and tofu for the main course; sides can include potatoes, beans/lentils, rice, sauteed spinach or mushrooms. If you are into mediteranean food you might want to try falafel, dolmades (if they are made without the ground beef), tabouli, and hummus. For desert, you can have a fresh fruit platter with soy yogurt and or vegan cookies with rice, soy or almond milk. I would recommend this lifestyle to anyone, it’s a healthy, sustainable, and environmentally conscious way to eat.

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    Yes. I have been to one in Iowa with my extended family. One of my cousins is vegan. My grandmother did not like it, but I thought it was awesome. I had their ruby soup, which was fantastic. I later made some myself, and it is very easy to make. There are a lot of different ways to make it, so you can experiment with the recipes and change them a lot depending on your personal taste. Basically, just throw some beets, carrots, and onions into a pot with some soup broth until they are cooked. Then, ladle it into a blender and mix until smooth.

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    Yes.  It was great!  And the best part was I didn’t have to ask any annoying questions about ingredients.  Believe it or not, vegan food can taste just as good as omnivorous dishes, especially when it’s made by professionals.  Even my meat-eating friends enjoyed their meals.

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    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!it is so fun.lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yes!  I can’t remember what exactly it was called, but it was the best falafel I have EVER eaten.  Vegan restaurants, or at least more vegan options on the menu are becoming more and more trendy – which I think is great.  Not only is is great for your body and the environment, vegan meals can be GREAT!

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    Yes! I’m definitely not a vegan or vegetarian, but my best friend is vegan. I on the other hand have been a hunter and fisherman all my life. Vegan food, however, is great despite what meat eaters tell you. The key to good vegan food, as is the case of all food, is how experienced your chef is. I’ve had tofu by some that is awful and tofu by my best friend that is utterly amazing. Same can be said for steak or chicken however.

    The key to vegan food, as in all new experiences, is to not knock it till you’ve tried it. When you do decide to try it, go to a well recommended place or eat with a vegan friend. It’s definitely not all rabbit food as many meat eaters would claim, they just don’t possess the guts to try something outside of their comfort box.

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    I have been to many. For those in Chicago, check out Amitabul, Cousin’s Vitality (raw vegan!!), Lovin Hut (chain)..

    I love vegan restraurants. Most are very good and the ability to eat anything is amazing. In most restaurants, there are only a couple options for us vegans. Even if something seems vegan, they may contain animal products. It is especially difficult at ethnic places, where they do not even understand what veganism is. To have a menu and be able to order anything without worrying about what’s in it is amazing.

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