Have you begun any of your green new year resolutions yet?

And have you broken any?



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    I just started on my resolutions for going green by sorting my trash and starting to recycle. Hope I have the time and resolve to continue with it.

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    I just moved to a new house and so I am starting over with the “greening.” This weekend we installed a new low flow shower head, and new low flow aerators on the sink. We donated some clothes and other things to a local charity. I got my car tuned up for maxi um performance AND we took some left over paint and other chemicals the previous owners left in the shed to the local hazmat facility to be properly disposed of. I feel like I am off to a good start for this year.

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    I started mine a little bit before New Year’s Day, but I decided to keep doing it into the new year. Mine is to go at least one day each week without driving period. I’m also planning to use public transit more this year.

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    This is a bit of a personal-green: I’ve aimed to jog later in the day when there is less traffic and in places more remote from main roads–save some lung, save some life!

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    I have already started thinking about what my new year resolutions will be for next year.  One of them is to start consistently recycling in my apartment.  I live on the 31st floor of my apartment building, and there is only a trash shoot to get rid of waste.  Though it is an inconvenience, I need to make an effort to bring my recyclable goods to a center so that they can be reused.

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