have we used geoengineering to solve any problems yet?



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    Not really. Geoengineering is still in its development stages. Many geoengineering projects are largescale and would require a great amount of research, and more importantly, funding. Geoengineers are considering such techniques as space mirrors (firing thin reflective disks to reflect sunlight), cloud engineering (painting roofs white, engineering crops to be shinier, and putting white styrofoam blocks into the oceans to reflect sunlight like clouds), ocean fertilization (pouring iron filings into oceans to increase the amount of phytoplankton who would then absorb carbon), and firing sulfur aerosols into the atmosphere. Needless to say, these projects would have to be largescale to work, thus making them very expensive. A less extreme geoengineering technique is forestation. On a small-scale, you could argue that this has already began. But some geoengineers, such as Freeman Dyson, argue for a genetic manipulation of trees to absorb more carbon.

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