Have we taken out all of the harmful chemicals from aerosol cans?



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    Before the 1970s, aerosol cans contained chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), an ozone depleting chemical. However, in the late 1970s, companies begin to make aerosol products that did not contain CFCs and federal regulations also banned the use of CFCs in aerosol products. Aerosol producing companies switched to using propellants such as hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide, which are not ozone depleting chemicals. However, current CFC-free aerosol products still emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which contributes to ground-level ozone levels. In addition, the use of hydrocarbons and compressed gases contribute to global warming. 

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    Sort of.  CFC’s are no longer used in aerosol cans due to a federal regulation in the late 1970’s.  Many aerosol cans now use hydrocarbons and compressed gas such as nitrous oxide as propellants.  These gases are not good for the environment.  They contribute to global warming, just less than CFC’s did.  They also emit organic compounds which is bad for the groud-level ozone and is a huge factor in the formation of smog.  

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