Have we proven that climate change is caused by man?



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    It is hard to prove this because historically climate has changed naturally over time. However, it is obvious based on the accelerated process of climate change (basically since the industrial revolution), that this is not the normal process of the evolution of the earth. Natural disasters the likes of which we have never seen before now seem common place, and threaten many areas once considered safe to live in. Greenhouse gas emissions have been linked to ozone depletion and rising temperatures on earth. If we do not do something, temperatures will continue to rise, leading to melting glaciers and ultimately sea levels risisng and slowly taking away land for people to live on.

    If people are able to get passed the “whose fault is it” phase, blaming everyone from developed nations to natural occurance, and recognize that climate change is a serious issue that needs to be fixed, then maybe we will be able to remedy the problem. If we continue to sit around and try to figure out who caused climate change/global warming, nothing will ever get done.

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    In science, nothing is ever proven true. There are simply theories which have not yet been proven false. This does not mean that there is not overwhelming evidence that the rise in global average temperature and the rise in green house gases in the atmosphere both exist and correlate. While scientists can’t prove that global warming is caused by humans, they can prove that it is not something that happens naturally.

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