Have we learned how to combat the pine beetle yet?



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    There are some known preventative sprays that can be used on trees to prevent attacks from the pine beetles. For already attacked trees, you can burn, peel, or spray the tree. Long term solutions include spacing your trees out and keeping them healthy. Trees are most susceptible when they are old or crowded together.

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    The problem with fighting the pine beetle is that the chemicals we use are dangerous for the environment, or you can use the methods mentioned by celia (above). With burning or peeling invaded trees, you’re exposing them to the world their bark otherwise protected them from, which is bad for the tree. With spraying, there are some chemicals that have a very hazardous effect on mammals’ nervous systems. There’s a spray called “Conquer” that has a very low effect on mammals, but a very high effect on fish and amphibians, and the product warns about getting into water systems. We have yet to find a really effective way of getting rid of pine beetles that isn’t harmful to more than just the pine beetles.

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