Have we identified any planets outside of our solar system?



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    Incredibally, Yes! There are around 700 confirmed planets outside our solar system, known as ‘extrasolar planets.’ There are another 500 bodies that are planetary candidates, but it is necessary to further measure their size and content before they can be labeled as planets. The first confirmed detection was in 1992, with the discovery of several planets orbiting Pulsar (a star). 

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    As of this month, Scientists have identified 697 planets outside our solar system.  Generally the planets found are larger than earth (because that’s what current technology can detect more easily).  The smallest planet astronomers have found outside our solar system so far is about 1.4 times the size of earth.  Due to their orbits in relation to their suns and mass/size, several of the planets are good candidates to hold water in liquid state and thus possibly some form of life.  

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