Have we got a biodegradable substitute for Styrofoam?



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    Polylactic Acid is used for biodegradable food containers and utensils, it appears to be a clear plastic, but is actually made from plant-based sources. Paper products are the easiest recyclable alternative to Sytrofoam. Instead of packing peanuts, give these biodegradable products a try: StarchTech’s packing material, The Mighty I packing peanut, and Puffy Stuff.

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    A company, Cereplast, has created a Styrofoam substitute that is biodegradable. They had plans to manufacture it as well as license the technology to other manufacturers, however given the current economic climate, have decided to postpone their plans. The product is a resin composed of industrial starches from corn, tapioca, wheat and potatoes that aren’t suitable for human consumption.

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    It depends on what the styrofoam is used for. Styrofoam hot cups, for instance, can be replaced by biodegradable paper coffee cups (warning: common paper coffee cups are NOT biodegradable because the inside lining is polyethylene!). Styrofoam packing can be replaced with packing peanuts made out of starch (seriously you can eat them, its weird).

    If you’re interested in being green, avoid Styrofoam like it had the Swine Flu.

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