Have we evolved at all because of global warming?



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    It is unlikely. Global Warming has only significantly increased the global temperatures in recent history (since the industrial revolution started spewing pollutants into the atmosphere). Meaningful evolutionary changes in mammals, like humans, generally take millions of years to occur (depending on the rate at which new generations come about). I would argue that human evolution is a very strange branch of evolutionary science, since natural selection for humans is no longer quite so natural.

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    Evolutionary time is longer than is really conceivable to most people. It seems as though it takes millions of years for any sort of evolution to take place so it is impossible that humans or any other species have evolved because of climate change. 

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         Not recently. Current, human-caused climate change is happening too fast for us, or any other species, to adapt to it. However, scientists are starting to study the impact that climate had on the evolution of our earliest ancestors. 

         Anthropologist Rick Potts of the Smithsonian hypothesizes that changing climate may have caused us to do to things like develop bigger brains and invent tools. An international team of scientists is now taking samples of ancient mud from African lakes to get a better idea of the climate conditions ancient humans faced. 

         The changing climate humans face now is much different from the one it faced millions of years ago. There is no way evolution will help species adapt to the new climate adapt the way it did in the past. It’s worth remembering that even during the natural changes in climate that our planet has seen in its history, some species have gone extinct. 

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