Have we ever tried introducing Kangaroos to any other environments?



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    Kangaroos aren’t necessarily endemic to Australia, as some species reside in New Guinea. In the past, some species have been introduced to the neighboring New Zealand, as well as the UK and Hawaii. The prefer shrubby open areas, with few trees. 

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    Kangaroos are very well adapted to living in the grasslands of Australia. In general, it is not a good idea to introduce species to new environments. They are not adapted to live there and may die quickly. Alternatively, they may be introduced to an area where they have an advantage over the native animals. They begin to outcompete the native species for food or space or other resources. This causes a decline in the native species. If the native species are endemic, meaning they live only in that area, they could go extinct from the impacts of the introduced species. This obviously is not good for conservation or the environment.

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