Have we ever disproved any classic scientific theories?



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    Science disproved the earth flat. Science disproved that the earth was the center of the solar system. Science disproved notions that some races were genetically inferior to other races.

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      Yes, science disproved all these theories, but were any of them really “scientific”? I’m not aware of any historic studies that followed the scientific method that concluded that any of these theories were true. Instead, they were based on human predilections and prejudices.

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      It’s true science has become more refined and advance over the years, but that doesn’t mean that what was once thought to be true, can’t be defined as science. Science is the study of everything around using every tool and piece of knowledge at our disposal. Our tools and knowledge have obviously improved since those basic assumptions, but they were still theories placed upon the world by what were considered great minds. One can’t classify knowledge in those days as “non-scientific” just because humans did not possess the things we have today.

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    To an extent, Einstein’s discoveries about relativity contradicted Newton’s theories of gravity and motion. Relativity shows that Newton’s “laws” function differently under different circumstances throughout the universe. However, the good old motion laws still work for most practical purposes here on Earth.

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    I believe that recently, Stephen Hawking has started to disprove his own Black Hole theories that everything that falls into one is destroyed, but unfortunately, I really don’t know enough about it to explain it.

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    Theories are constantly being questioned which is comforting as scientists do not simply make assumptions and stick to old dogma.  Recently National Geographic asks on its cover if Darwin’s theories of evolution were wrong.  Check inside for the answer…..

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