Have we done anything to reduce our impact on the environment?



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    Of course, we have done a lot to reduce the impact on the environment; however, there is still a lot more that can be done.  The key is to get people involved and get them involved for the right reasons, being green should be the cool thing to do, but making it a trend is dangerous because we all no trends and fads come and go and the green movement needs to be one that lasts in order for the impact of it to continue.

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    I think several areas show our commitment to reducing our impact.  Paperless statements are commonly offered, saving tons of trees…. the demand for large vehicles has decreased, and nearly every store now offers reusable bags instead of plastic.  Just to name a few!

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    I think it is most progressive at universities and colleges across the nation. Many schools are putting in “ecodorms.” Also students are getting much more involved in their environmental groups (due to the expansion of the environmental movement). Collages seem to be adopting many new green technologies and energy sources as well. At my school, they have started to make printing double-sided a standard on all the computers. It has become cool to be “green.” Recycling and composting have increased tremendously!

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    I think we have made progress towards protecting our environment. An increase in people carpooling (attributable in part to special lanes for them to travel in in congested areas) and using public transportation or biking / walking has helped reduce emissions and the usage of gas.

    Recycling has also been very successful in many areas. Many people now recycle at least some items.

    Water conservation has been helped with a push to conserve water while brushing teeth and with water-reducing showerheads.

    Online media has also reduced the amount of printed newspaper and magazines that are distributed.

    In general, we have a long way to go, but are making progress towards protecting our planet.

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