Have we done any studies that test the intelligence of an octopus?



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    There are many experiments done on octopuses to test their intelligence. Popular consensus on the findings is that octopuses are very intelligent creatures and even exhibit some traits characteristic of humans including personality, the ability to learn and remember what they learn, and play. Research gathered by psychologist Jennifer Mather shows that if given the same type of clam partially opened, on half shell, or wired shut they will try a technique to open it and if that doesn’t work they will change techniques. This is rare in the animal world as most creatures would exhibit the same behavior again and again. If left alone for extended periods of time in a tank they will start to actually play with objects out of what appears to be boredom. Renowned for their mischievous nature, one octopus snuck out of its tank each night for several days at the Brighton Aquarium to eat the lumpfish in a neighboring tank and snuck back into its own tank before morning. The aquarium had a difficult time solving the mystery of the missing lumpfish. 

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