Have we discovered any new planets?



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    I suppose it depends on what you mean by “new”. New planets are discovered constantly, close to every month. Six new ones in 2010 in the link.

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    Since when, and in which star system? Plenty of planets have been discovered in other solar systems, like Kepler-10b which is 560 lightyears away. In our own solar system, however, there have been no new planets discovered in quite a long time.

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    Nasa’s Kepler mission was developed as a way to find “Earth”-like planets within our own galaxy.  As of February 2011, it has found the first of several “potential candidates” existing in like conditions to our own.  In order to be one of these candidates, these planets must reside in what is referred to as the “habitable zone”- an area not unlike our Earth’s in that it is able to accomodate for liquid water on the planet’s surface.  Although, research is far from over, it is exciting to find a system so similar to ours within our own galaxy!

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    The Kepler discoveries have been absolutely fascinating. I think by last count five Earth-like planet candidates in their stars respective habitable (or “Goldilocks”) zones were recently discovered. This is aside from the 1, 230 extrasolar planets Kepler has already discovered, including another system of six planets, orbiting their star Kepler 11. Within our own solar system, there have been a few dwarf planet additions. In addition to the downgraded Pluto and Ceres, Eris (which is slightly larger than Pluto) was discovered in the Kuiper belt in 2005.

    Here’s the location of Kepler 11, in Cygnus:

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