Have we come up with an accurate count of how much oil has spilled into the Gulf?



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    Nobody knows exactly how much oil has been spilled into the Gulf.  However, an estimate on PBS shows that a little over 3.3 million gallons is the supposed amount.  The NOAA has estimated 210,000 barrels of oil.  One barrel contains roughly 42 gallons.  

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    Other estimates I’ve read suggest that the number of barrels of oil spilled could be closer to five million.  The flow rate of the oil spilled started at 62,000 barrels of oil a day, but gradually eased to about 53,000 barrels a day before being sealed in July.  In addition, 1.2 million of those barrels have been “accounted for,” either by being burned, captured, or skimmed from the surface of the sea.

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