Have we as an American military used biological warfare yet?



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    Although the United States has done research into biological warfare in the past, no actual usage of biological weapons has ever been conducted. This is due in part to an executive order signed by Richard Nixon on November 1969, to stop production of biological weapons in the U.S. and allowed only scientific research of lethal biological agents and defensive measures such as immunization and bio safety.

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    To this date, the United States has never actively used biological warfare against any enemy. Biological warfare has been associated more with acts of terrorism than traditional warfare, in which a deadly compound or virus is released into a populated area to devastate by disease. This type of warfare does not need to use soldiers or traditional weapons to wreak havoc on a population. The anthrax scare some years ago is an example of biological warfare, in which the toxic compound was sent through the mail and infected all who came into contact with it. The United States has devoted more of its study and resources to defend against any potential biological attacks. 

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