Have there ever been any drum circles formed for the environment?



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    Yes. There is a group called the “Eco Drum Circle,” who drums with only recycled materials to raise awareness for the environment. They lead a summer camp where children can learn to use these materials and learn about the environment. From my research, it appears that many eco-retreats and lodges use drum circles as a part of their regular activities. There are even drum circles in South Africa to raise awareness for the environment.

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    The Eco Drum Circle was started in 2007 by Afiq Safwan Adly as part of the non-profit organization Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam, and represented Malaysia in the 2007 World Drum Festival.  Also, see the link below for the Paralounge Drum Gathering, an educational and festive event.

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    A good example of a drum circle with a message is the Drum Circle for Global Unity. This took place in September of 2010 (link below). There are many worldwide initiative like this, many promoted on Facebook, in which people ask that drummers all get together at a specific time, with a specific peaceful thought in mind.

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