Have there been any animals that were supposedly extinct, but really weren’t?



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    Quite a few, both on land and in the sea.  One of the most remarkable was the discovery of the coelacanth in the mid 20th century.  The coelacanth is a large but primitive fish once believed to have been extinct for millions of years.  It is now known to live in deep waters off of southeastern Africa and Indonesia.

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    It is more common than one might think. They are dubbed ‘Lazurus species,’ for the fact they seem to return from the dead.  A species may have thought to have only existed thousands and millions of years ago only to return today, or a species may be falsely identified as extinct.  It happened quite a bit in 2009, for example. Below is a link with a list of 13 species thought to have been extinct that were discovered last year.

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