Have there been any pro-choice activists who have teamed up with environmentalists to use the overpopulation crisis as an important reason to keep abortion legal, safe, and accepted among the majority?



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    Yes, and the cited article is just one example of how abortion rights and overpopulation have been linked. However, I think anyone with even a mediocre background in rhetoric could tell you that what is expressed in this article is a bit extreme, and certainly harsh toward at least one belief system.

    Personally, I do not believe that abortion should be used as a solution for overpopulation problems. Instead, I think a focus on sustainable living and the use of contraceptives to end some of the problems of population should be advocated. When we focus on abortion as a solution for overpopulation, we bring up a whole host of ethical problems that serve to create boundaries and enemies rather than comrades in the fight for environmental responsibility.

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