Have there been any major problems with the Teslas since it has come out?



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    There have been a few issues with Tesla.  The first models of the car were faulty because the transmission couldn’t handle the torque of the motor.  Then, they had a problem with “under-tightened rear hub bolts.” In February of 2010, the CEO announced he had run out of cash.  Finally, Tesla had to recall 439 of their Roadsters in October of 2010 because of a faulty cable.

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    The Tesla concept is tricky because they are such expensive cars and such a narrow market can afford them. Like krich11 noted, the Tesla Roadster’s transmission couldn’t handle the extensive torque and “was expected to self-destruct within a small fraction of the normal life of a transmission.” There were also issues with the “under-tightened rear hub bolts.” The culmination of their technical problems with the Roadster and the CEO’s personal financial problems, Tesla motors if facing some problems.  

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