Have there been any legal cases that successfully blame factories or businesses for global warming?



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    In the 2007 case Massachusetts vs EPA, the US Supreme Court found that global warming pollutions from cars, power plants, and other sources present a human health threat that the Environmental Protection Agency can regulate through the Clean Air Act.  Following that decision,  the EPA just this month officially announced a finding of its own that gases which contribute to global warming are indeed a health threat.  This means the EPA now has the authority it would need to enact strong regulations to limit global warming – but Obama’s EPA still needs to make the decision to act on its own finding.  By instructing his EPA to move quickly to reduce global warming through the Clean Air Act, Obama has the power to move comprehensive climate-protection measures forward in this country.  If you would like to tell Obama your thoughts on this issue and what you’d like the EPA to do, you can write a note to the White House at http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

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