Have there been any charity concerts for the environment?



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    Yes, the most famous of which is Live Earth. Although there have been concerns about some of the bands participating, claiming to be committed towards saving the earth while creating a huge carbon footprint, the concert series itself is dedicated to improving the planet for everyone, and has a famous roster, similar to other charty concerts.

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    there was recently a concert to help support the oil spill in the gulf. This concert was cleverly titled Gulf Aid and featured artists like Lenny Kravits and John Legend 

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          Since 1978, the yearly Great Hudson River Revival has been held to raise money for the Hudson River sloop Clearwater. The Clearwater is a reproduction of a 19th century sloop that functions as a floating environmental science classroom. It’s especially appropriate that the Clearwater organization holds a music festival, since it was founded by famous folk musician Pete Seeger.

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    The Live Earth charity concert that began in 2007 is geared towards the environment. Created by Al Gore and Kevin Wall, the Live Earth concert featured artists such as The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers and other musicians. Hosted on seven continents the concert raised awareness of the global climate crisis. Besides Live Earth there is the EarthFest LA which occurs in Los Angeles. EarthFest LA features eco-friendly activities and live performances from artists such as Paul Brown and Jackiem Joyner. EarthFest LA raises money to support California Greenworks programs, and focuses its attention on educating the youth on environmental issues.

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