Have plastic bags been banned in Italy completely?



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    As of January 1st of 2011, stores in Italy will only be able to offer bags made from paper, cloth, or other biodegradable material. The plastic bag ban was enacted after nearly 100,000 citizens petitioned the government to do something about the country’s position as one of Europe’s top consumers of plastic bags. Other places including Mumbai, Mexico City, and France have enacted similar bans.

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    Yes, Italy has banned plastic bags. Using more than 20 billion plastic bags per year, Italy was the world’s largest consumer of plastic bags. The ban was originally started in 2006 but suffered from some opposition, arguing that it would be to the detriment of local plastic producers. Now, as catch22 said, customers will choose from fabric, paper, or biodegradable plastic bags. The country is trying to push the reusable fabric bags.

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